Should You Celebrate Your First Mother’s Day When Expecting?

May 9, 2024

Are you sporting a baby bump this Mother's Day? Or maybe eagerly awaiting the arrival of your adoptive child? You might be wondering if it's time to start celebrating Mother's Day, even though your little one isn't in your arms yet. We say: absolutely! Here’s why – plus some Mother’s Day ideas for you.

6 Reasons You Deserve Some First Mother's Day Love

Woman holding sonogram imageWoman holding sonogram image

Motherhood is a journey that starts from the moment you find out that you’re bringing another life into your family. That love, anticipation, sacrifice, it deserves to be celebrated – today, tomorrow, when you are finally able to hold them in your arms, always. 

We could make a list of reasons why you deserve to celebrate Mother’s Day while expecting so long that by the time you finish reading it, your little one will have already arrived. (After all, this anticipatory time only lasts a short while – all the more reason to celebrate while you can!) 

For the sake of our word count (and your attention span), we’ll keep our list to just six of the reasons why you should totally celebrate your first Mother’s Day when expecting your first child.

You Are Preparing for Their Arrival

Whether you’re carrying your baby in utero or are waiting for your adoptive little one’s arrival, you’ve most likely been preparing for a long time! It takes a lot of energy, dedication and effort to ensure that this new addition to your family has everything they will need to be safe, healthy and well cared for. By putting in that effort, you’re already doing what moms do – and that deserves to be celebrated!

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You Are Making Sacrifices

Pregnancy requires sacrifice. There are small sacrifices, like giving up your morning cappuccino or your high-intensity workout class or comfortable sleep. And then there are the bigger sacrifices – like your body no longer being yours alone (both before and after pregnancy if you’re chestfeeding). Not to mention the financial sacrifices parents have to make! Whether big or small, sacrificing the things we love for the sake of our children exhibits one of the utmost signs of motherhood: selflessness. 

You’re Always Thinking of Them

If you’re expecting your first child, they’re probably the first thought you have when you wake up and your last thought before you sleep. Anticipation, excitement, maybe a little anxiety or fear – there are a lot of emotions involved with the arrival of a little one! If you’re going to do all that emotional labor before you’re, well, in labor, you might as well celebrate yourself, too.

You’ve Told Loved Ones About Your Newest Arrival

If you’ve been expecting for a few months, you’ve most likely told your family, close friends and other loved ones about your new adventure into motherhood. And, we’ll bet that your support system is wildly excited for you! Celebrating your first Mother’s Day this year isn’t *just* for you. It’s also an opportunity for them to show their appreciation and support for you – not to mention the love they already feel for your growing baby – as you continue your journey into motherhood. 

You Love Them Already

While your little one may not be here to hold yet, we know how much you love them. (We’re a team of parents and grandparents ourselves, after all!) What better reason is there to celebrate Mother’s Day than that love? Preparing for your darling’s arrival, worrying about them, gushing about them, putting them before yourself – everything we’ve talked about so far is an act of love! That’s worth celebrating. 

A Mom-To-Be is a Mom. Period.

Need we say more? From the moment you realize a little one is on the way, whether it’s through adoption or pregnancy, you are a mom. We see you. We love you. We celebrate you.

First Mother’s Day Ideas 

Mother's Day ideas for celebrating while expecting can be a uniquely joyful and reflective time. Here are some special ways to honor this moment in your life:

Cook a Special Meal Together

Use this day to bond with your partner or a loved one by preparing a meal together. Choose dishes that you love or have been craving during your pregnancy. This activity isn't just about the food – it's about creating memories and enjoying the quiet moments before your little one arrives.

Prepare Your Little One’s Nursery Together

Baby nursery with a changing table and cribBaby nursery with a changing table and crib

With all of the time and effort that goes into preparing your little one’s sleeping space, why not celebrate Mother’s Day with a helping hand from your partner or friends? This could mean assembling furniture, hanging pictures or simply organizing baby clothes together. If you’re still planning your nursery or looking for a bit of extra help, we have some great tips for creating a safer, healthier nursery, too!

Write a Letter to Your Little One

Take a moment to write a heartfelt letter to your unborn or soon-to-be-adopted child. Share your hopes, dreams and emotions as you await their arrival. This letter can become a cherished keepsake for both you and your child in the future. Friends and family members can write letters to your little one, too.

Reflect on Motherhood

Our Mother’s Day ideas include celebrating by yourself, too. Journaling or meditation are relaxing ways to reflect on your journey into motherhood and your mental health thus far. Or, treat yourself to a relaxing bath or shower at home complete with your favorite EWG VERIFIED® body soaps and hair care

Spoil Yourself: Gifts to You, From You!

Expectant mother holding flowersExpectant mother holding flowers

Although gifts from others are always appreciated, sometimes the best way to guarantee a “perfect” gift is by gifting to ourselves. And, there’s no shame for getting yourself a gift – you deserve it. Gift yourself a bouquet of local flowers or MADE SAFE® certified bathrobe or pajamas, something that isn’t for the baby, it’s for YOU!

Motherhood is a journey that begins well before your newest little one has physically arrived. So, celebrate Mother’s Day this year! After all, Mother’s Day is all about appreciating the love we have received from the mothers in our lives – something we know you are already feeling for your first child. 

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