Know These Signs of Potty-Training Readiness

February 12, 2024

Embarking on the potty-training journey with your toddler is a HUGE milestone, and let us be the first to say, "Congrats!" to you and your little one! Eventually, you’ll be able to ditch the diapers, but just remember: potty training is a process. 

Wondering what age to start potty training and where to begin? We can help!

How To Know When the Time is Right

Smiling toddler sitting on the pottySmiling toddler sitting on the potty

Like most other developmental milestones, there’s no one specific age when your little one is sure to be potty-training ready. Some kiddos will show interest in potties and underwear around the age of two, while others sometimes wait until two-and-a-half to three years old. 

Having a good understanding of your little one’s physical and emotional state can help when making your decision. 

To better understand your child’s readiness for potty-training, it’s important to ask yourself some questions, like: 

  • Can my child sit on and stand up from a potty seat all by themselves?
  • Is my little one good at following directions?
  • Do they tell me when they have to “go”?
  • Can my little one pull off their diaper/underwear and put it back on by themselves?

Having an understanding of answers to questions like these will help you better understand your kiddo’s readiness for potty-training. If you’re able to answer yes to most of these, that’s a great first sign that your kiddo is ready!

5 Signs of Potty Training Readiness

There are other signs to look out for that will help you decide if your little one is ready to potty-train. Just remember: you know your little one best, so your own parental judgment matters most!

1. Your Toddler is Drier for Longer

We’re sure you know, but babies pee very frequently! As your little one grows, their bladder habits start to change. If your kiddo is staying dry for two-hour increments, this is a great sign that they have gained a sense of bladder control and are physically ready to start potty-training. 

2. Your Kiddo is More Independent Now

A strong desire to be independent is another great sign of potty-training readiness. Whether this be putting on their own clothes, creating crafts by themselves or even expressing an interest in trying new things, your little one’s independence is a wonderful gift that’s pivotal for potty-training, too.

3. They Show an Interest in the Potty or Bathroom

Do you have a little shadow that follows you into the restroom? Or, does your kiddo ask what you’re doing while you’re in the bathroom? Showing an interest in the potty and your bathroom habits is a tell-tale sign that your little one is ready for their own bathroom time.

4. Your Little One Doesn’t like Being Wet or Dirty

If you’ve noticed that your kiddo seems uncomfortable in a diaper, or they attempt to get out of a dirty diaper as soon as possible, potty-training might be the next step for them. In this case, trying underwear for the first time can be a great first-step in the potty-training process. 

5. They’re Asking About “Big-kid Underwear”

Are diapers starting to seem too messy and uncomfortable for your little one? Especially if they don’t like being wet or dirty, your kiddo might be looking for an alternative to their diapers to find something more comfortable. Their interest in “big-kid underwear” can definitely mean more than wanting another item for themselves – it’s a sign they’re ready to potty-train.

Mother smiling and congratulating child during potty trainingMother smiling and congratulating child during potty training

3 Common Potty Training Methods

If your kiddo checks most or all of the boxes that they’re ready to potty-train, knowing some of the different methods out there can help you decide how to start the process. 

1. The Three-day Method

For parents who would like their little ones to learn how to use the potty as quickly as possible, the three-day method might be the way to go. This method does take a bit of attention and dedication, but if you have a long weekend to spare, it may be the perfect method to try! 

With this method, just remember that constant focus on potty-training may make your little one frustrated if they don’t get it right away. Like all ways for potty-training, staying patient and remaining calm will always be best when accidents do happen.

2. Child-oriented Method

If you prefer that your little one learns potty-training at their own pace, a child-oriented method may be a great option to try. Although it moves at a slow and steady pace, this method can help ensure that your little one can adjust to using the potty in a timeframe that works best for them. 

The steps for this method include introducing your little one to a potty chair, encouraging them to sit first onto their potty chair with their clothes on, then practicing sitting with their diapers off and gradually encouraging them to use the potty when they have to “go.” 

3. Reward Method

Sometimes, little ones need a bit of extra encouragement to stay motivated. The reward method incorporates small rewards, like stickers on a chart or small prizes, each time your kiddo successfully uses the potty without any accidents. 

To avoid unnecessary trips to the bathroom for a prize, it's important that your child understands that, at some point, only successful potty trips will earn them a prize.

How Lullaby Earth Can Help With Potty-Training

Young girl relaxing on a Lullaby Earth waterproof twin mattressYoung girl relaxing on a Lullaby Earth waterproof twin mattress

Since accidents do happen during potty-training, choosing products that are designed to make clean-up quick and easy can make your kiddo more comfortable with the process – and your life easier, too. That’s where we come in!

Our Dream Easy Kids Mattress is designed with potty-training nights in mind. Equipped with a removable, machine washable cover with a waterproof backing, this mattress stays squeaky-clean whatever the mess. If late-night accidents do occur, simply toss the cover in the washer and dryer, add a spare Dream Easy Waterproof Protector Pad, and your kiddo (and you!) will be back to sleep in no time. 

Let Lullaby Earth take the night shift during potty training and beyond. We’ll ensure that your kiddo sleeps safer, cleaner and comfier – even when accidents happen!

Potty-training is a huge milestone in your little one’s life, but knowing when the time is right is totally dependent on your little one. As a parent, it’s important to remain patient and understanding. Be a positive potty model for them during this time! 

You can learn all about our Dream Easy Kids Collection here and take on the potty-training journey with peace of mind.