10 Things Dads Do Best

June 17, 2016

10 Things Dads Do Best

dads do best

Happy Father’s Day! We asked our community members about what they love most about their partners when it comes to pulling Dad Duty. Here are ten things our community dads do best.

1. He steps up to the plate.

Lydia R. says, “My partner has no biological ties to three of our five children. My two daughters have come to love him as their own dad and rely on him, they have never been let down by him. My son has known no other dad. This man came into my life and took on three children that two other men left and did so gladly. He has tucked them in, held them while they were sick, brought flowers to school plays, kissed boo-boos, and cut off crusts. He has done the big stuff and the not so big stuff and for that I fall in love with him all over again, every time!”

2. He treats small rituals like a big deal.

Bed time is a great time for rituals with dad. Linden B.’s husband makes time for “bed time snuggles for the girl every night.”

Maybe your hubby is an expert kid wrangler when it comes to keeping baby clean. Jordana S. says, “My husband rocks bath time!”

3. He encourages creativity...and pancakes.

Emily S. tells us, “My husband is so great at being imaginative and letting that shine through with our daughter. He asks her open-ended questions, prompts her creative thinking, tells amazing stories that he lets her contribute to. I know he's setting the stage for her creativity to blossom and for them to have so much special fun together with their special stories and imaginative play. It's a fun time. I love to listen to them let their imaginations run wild!”

She also asked their daughter what daddy does best, which is “making pancakes.”

4. He keeps things moving smoothly.

Ginia B. says, “My husband is awesome at washing pump parts, always dealing with trash and recycling, helping clean up dishes and laundry, and always checking if errands need running on his way home from work. He rocks this dad gig!”

5. He always makes time for the kids.

After a long day at work, when dad switches into play mode it tugs at our heartstrings. Terra J. says “Chris will crawl up the stairs dog tired from a 12 hour shift to go play.”

6. He manages to do it all.

Andrea H. says, “Justin changes diapers, feeds the kids every night so I get dinner with both hands, empties garbage, helps with diaper laundry, watches them like the parent he is if I go out alone, cleans up the living room every night, mows the lawn, goes grocery shopping, puts the oldest to bed since she’s a total daddy’s girl, takes the time to rub my back, and more. He works 55 hours a week and wakes up at 2:45am.”

7. He totally rocks the little things.

Nicole N. says, “He rocks at pretty much everything. He’s a stay at home dad and he kills it. Today we were out and I said, ‘I wish I had brought a hair tie to put [toddler’s] hair up.’ He reached into his pocket and pulled out a sparkly purple hairband. He’s an awesome dad.”

8. Fatherhood surprised him.

Chris says, “Dave never had any aspirations to get married…nor have kids. I on the other hand, had every intention to do both. There was never any pressure from me on Dave, but we started talking about it and researching the possibilities. As two men, our avenues are quite finite. A few days later, a woman from work asked me if Dave and I had ever considered having a family. She told me about a friend’s daughter who only wanted to give the child up for adoption to a male couple.

Dave’s always been an amazing uncle to our nieces, but nothing can truly show how a person is going to be as a parent. Well, that’s at least what I thought until I saw Dave’s face as he watched our son being delivered and then heard his cry for the first time. That face of pride mixed with terror and wonder and amazement and pure/absolute joy lets you know that a person is going to be a good parent.

Dave is an amazing husband, and an even better dad. His unconditional love for Lucas is unmistakable…and it’s infectious. I can see it on others’ faces when they see Dave interact with Lucas; they get a smile on their face. I can easily say that Dave is proud of Lucas, but even more, Dave is proud of himself for being able to be a dad to Lucas.”

9. He is a true partner.

Sarah S. tells us, “Brett is a great Dad because he is a true partner. We work together raising our son so my little guy is just as enthusiastic about having his milk with Dad in the morning or being put down by Dad at night as he would be if I were doing those things. The look on my son's face when Brett walks through the door after work tells me that my son feels loved and cared for by both of his parents.”

10. He sees the big picture.

Caitlyn O. says, “He helps the kids explore new things to help them find what they are passionate about, without expectation. I often find myself striving to do things the "right" way, or feel that things should be a certain way, but Justin doesn't. Art, for example, is something that he has sparked a love for in my son (specifically, drawing), however I often find myself thinking that pieces SHOULD look a certain way, whereas Justin can accept and appreciate them for what they are, and never hesitates to applaud my son's efforts.”

We want to hear from YOU about what makes the dads in your life great. Tell us in the blog comments below or share with us on Facebook or Twitter, @LullabyEarth.

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