5 Tips to Unplug Your Kids

May 22, 2018

5 Tips to Unplug Your Kids

5 Tips to Unplug Your Kids
It’s the Digital Age, which means a lot of life happens behind the screens. We receive information faster than ever and we can easily communicate with loved ones around the world, but too much of anything is never a good thing—including technology. When we live life for likes, comments, and retweets, we forget to live in the moment. We forget how to sit back and cherish everything that’s happening around us. Now is the perfect time to unplug your kids and teach them how to explore and enjoy life beyond the screens.

TVs and tablets are great, but that’s not where memories are made. We want all parents to encourage their children to get up and have fun, so we’ve listed some suggestions to help you teach your kids how to unplug!


1. Set Time Limits & Stick to Them.

When it comes to screen time, it’s important to give kids limits. Allow 15-60 minutes of screen time per night, and be sure to enforce this time limit. Encourage them to fill the rest of their evening with activities that don’t include phones, tablets and TVs.


2. Encourage Socialization. 

Enroll your children in activities that require them to interact with other children. Not only will this help them develop social skills, but it may introduce them to new interests and passions. Check your local newspaper and library for information about youth sports leagues, academic clubs, theatre classes and more.


3. Buy More Books. 

z Before technology took over, people had to rely on their imaginations for entertainment. Crazy, right? Let’s bring that back! Take your kids to a bookstore and encourage them to pick out books that catch their eye. Set aside time each night for reading, and make sure they stick to it.


4. Plan Family Fun Nights.

When was the last time you and your family played a board game? Do you ever look through photo albums together? Have you camped out recently? Have you ever thought about having a picnic together? Think of one or two activities a week that don’t involve technology, and do them with the entire family!


5. Be a Good Example.

If you want your child to “unplug,” show them how it’s done! Limit your screen time, especially when you’re with the kids. Setting a good example is essential to the process.

It’s never too early or too late to show kids that there’s more to life than what’s on the screens. Start teaching kids how to unplug today!

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