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6 Times Parents Were Thankful For Sleep

6 Times Parents Were Thankful For Sleep

We’re in a thankful, grateful mood this season, and we asked our readers about times they were thankful for sleep as parents. Read on to hear the stories and be sure to share your own!

1. When They Can Get Some Uninterrupted ZZZs

Laura M. says, “When I had a stomach bug and hubby let me sleep all day and night. It was two years ago and I still think about it.”

Renee C. says, “My husband works shifts, and when the baby has a rough night my husband will take her in the morning so I can actually get some uninterrupted sleep. It’s the best.”  

Cindy H. says, “I was in the hospital with my newborn for three days all alone and probably got four hours of sleep the whole time. I was so thankful to finally get some sleep once I was home with my husband.” Sarah C. says, “The time I collapsed into my hotel bed at a conference after a three week sleep strike conducted by my three year old.”


2. When Baby Sleeps Through The Night

Ariel F. says, “I’ve been grateful for every night since my son was 18 months old and he started sleeping through the night. Before that, he woke up every 90 minutes.”    Shanan W. says, “My kids are only 14 months apart, and my newborn son slept a solid six hours a night right from the start. I felt like he was my reward for surviving the long nights with my daughter.”  

Emily M. says, “When my first born was about 9 months old, we went out for a family dinner and one of us gave her a tiny sip of pop to see her reaction to the bubbles. Big mistake. She was up until 1am bouncing off the walls, but she slept until 9am the next day. I’ve never been more thankful.”  

Andrea H. says, “I’m thankful [daughter] is a good sleeper. She fusses at first but when she’s down she’s down! And our other daughter is up all night singing to herself, running around her room, coming into our room…I’m grateful the older one sleeps so I can take care of our other daughter and new baby without having to worry about all three of them at once.”


3. When They Reconnect

Elizabeth S. says, “When baby sleeps, parents can reconnect with each other and refuel their relationship. For example, snuggling on the couch and watching Stranger Things 2 in one weekend” 


4. When They Get A Good Routine Going

Maggie B. says, “When we switched from bedsharing to having our son in his own bed. The lack of kicked kidneys was amazing.”  

Clarissa O. says, “I worked eight-hour night shifts after my first child was born, and I was a zombie the whole time. I feel like I missed so much with my son because I was so exhausted all the time. I switched shifts when I was pregnant with my daughter and was able to get a more consistent sleep schedule. Having a consistent routine made all the difference and it made me a better mama.”


5. When They Know Baby is Okay

Amy C. says, “My little one had reflux as a baby. Before we knew her medicine was working, I would sleep in small increments and wake up alarmed, always worried she would be choking. After a month of her reflux being under control, I was finally able to sleep without someone watching her.”   Genevieve M. says, “Our kiddo was sick and throwing up all day. We were so thankful when he finally slept.”


6. When Their Child Wants a Good Snuggle

Alx G. says, “My daughter is a total daddy’s girl and merely tolerated me until she was about four. After spending a week in the hospital with her newborn brother, we were finally home. I was in the spare bedroom on the main floor with the baby since I couldn’t go upstairs while I recovered from an emergency C-section. I was trying to get him to sleep, and my husband told our daughter it was almost time for bed. This normally meant she would go upstairs, but she climbed into bed with me and her brother. She put one hand on him, patting him gently, and used her other hand to wrap my arm around her. She said, ‘Don’t make the baby up, mama? Don’t make the baby up, please?’ I realized she meant herself, that she didn’t want me to make her go upstairs. We all fell asleep snuggled in that bed. It was Valentine’s Day and I spent the night sleeping with my two biggest loves that I fought 13 years of infertility to get.”  

Tracy T. says, “I was pregnant with my daughter, and so very very tired. I had fallen asleep on the couch on my side while my husband made dinner. When I woke up, I had a blanket over me and my toddler snuggled up between me and the couch. My husband said that my son had grabbed a blanket, told him mama was asleep, and got him to help cover me up. Then my son snuggled in with his own blanket to nap with me.”

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Single Parent Self Care

Single Parent Self Care

While all parents need to take some time for themselves, single parents especially need to make sure to carve out time for self care. As a single parent, you are always so busy caring for others that you most likely forget about yourself! But don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can indulge in some “me time” to avoid the burnout.


Go For A Walk

Raising your child solo, you likely run from place to place all day as well as chase them around inside. Not only are you probably craving some peace and quiet, you most likely also just want a little sunshine in your life. Whether you get a quick sitter or put your child in daycare, find the time at least once a week to take a walk by yourself. You will get to reset your mind and enjoy the outdoors.


Find Time For Exercise

Scheduling time to sweat it out may seem difficult to do as a single parent, but it’s worth it! Working out has multiple perks, including stress-relief and health benefits, that are especially necessary for single parents. Find half an hour to an hour for a quick exercise session, and your job as a parent may just seem a little less overwhelming. Luckily, there are many resources online to help you do stretches, workouts or yoga at home. Just search YouTube or Google to find your favorite exercise tutorials.

If you are able to get to the gym, many now have daycares who will watch your children while you exercise.


Go To Dinner With A Friend

Many of the best self care tips for single parents, including this one, require asking for help. As a single parent, probably the most important thing to remember is it’s okay to get a babysitter when you need to focus on you. There’s no shame in admitting that after a day of being with a child (or children), you crave some grown-up time. At least once month try to schedule a dinner with a friend or go see a movie not suitable for 4 year olds. You deserve it!


Get Up Early For “Me Time”

Getting up a little early may not seem like your favorite idea because it’s less sleep, but even getting up just 15 minutes before your kids can have a huge impact on your day. Use that time to drink coffee, read or just relax so you aren’t immediately thrown into the chaos as soon as your feet leave your bed.


Single parents, how do you practice self care? Let us know in the comments!

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When To Transition Baby From Crib To Toddler Bed

When To Transition Baby From Crib To Toddler Bed

Your baby is growing before your eyes. Just like that, they go from infant to toddler.

This is both exciting and terrifying, and it involves a lot of changes. You start to adjust their food, their daily routine and maybe even their sleep schedule. But when is it time to upgrade them from a crib to their toddler bed?

There’s not a definitive answer, but experts have shared some tips and signs that it’s time for your child to sleep in their toddler bed.


Age Can Be a Factor

Since many parents are age-minded when it comes to transitions, a lot of you probably want to know the preferred age to transition your child. Most children end up transitioning between 1 ½ years old and 3 ½ years old, the majority of them switching in the later portion of that as many little ones will not be ready early. Don’t make the decision solely on age, but you should consider it.


Think About How it Affects Potty Training

We aren’t saying move to a toddler bed as soon as you begin potty training your child, but it could play a factor when you are considering if you want to make the switch. Placing your child in a room near the toilet and transitioning them to their toddler bed will make potty training and avoiding overnight accidents much easier. Potty training should not be the only reason you switch, but keep it in mind.


Toddlers Need A Slightly Less Firm Mattress Than Infants

Babies and infants need a firm mattress to prevent them from moving to a vulnerable position at night. The question then becomes when is it appropriate to flip your child’s Lullaby Earth 2-Stage Crib Mattress to the cushion firm toddler side for more comfort? Most children transition around the age of one year, but each baby has different needs and your pediatrician can give you the go-ahead to make the switch. Learn more here.

How did you know it was time to transition your child to their toddler bed? Let us know in the comments!

4 Common Napping Myths

4 Common Napping Myths

As parents, you are told a lot of things about how your children should be sleeping, in particular, how they should be napping. Unfortunately, a lot of the tips and “facts” you may be hearing from others may not actually be accurate.

To help guide your baby to the best nap, we took a look at some of the most common napping myths when it comes to children.


1.) If Your Toddler Won’t Nap, They Don’t Need It

Nap time may be difficult at times when it comes to your baby and children, but just because your kids make it hard doesn’t mean they don’t need them. While your children may resist daytime sleep even more when they become toddlers, a lot of research suggests that you should have your child nap until at least 3 years old because it greatly reduces their stress hormones.


2.) Having Your Child Skip Nap Time Will Make It Easier for Them to Sleep at Night

While it may seem contradictory, having your child skip their nap during the day to tire them out will actually be detrimental towards their sleep later. Being overtired makes it more difficult for your kids to fall and stay asleep at night. Sleep debt will never help your child’s sleeping patterns, so don’t try to cheat by skipping the nap.


3.) Don’t Wake a Sleeping Baby

Don’t be fooled by how calm and peaceful your baby looks while napping and let them oversleep. If your child’s naps are affecting their nighttime sleep or if it’s just going passed their normal routine time for a nap, “capping” their nap is a good approach to take.


4.) Giving Your Child Screen Time Will Help Them Fall Asleep

If you are struggling to get your child to fall asleep for their nap, don’t be tempted to put them in front of the TV or iPad. Doing so will inhibit their melatonin, inhibiting natural sleep patterns. Reading a book will be more calming and will avoid placing them in front of artificial light.

What napping myths have you heard? Let us know in the comments!
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5 Nursery Theme Ideas That Bring The Outdoors In

5 Nursery Themes to Bring the Outdoors In

You have a little one on the way, and you’re trying to figure out the perfect nursery theme. You want something that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also inviting for your child and includes non-toxic decor.

To help get you thinking, we’ve rounded up five nursery themes that bring the outdoors in that are easy to incorporate non-toxic elements into.


Botanical Oasis

What better way to design a natural nursery than bringing the outdoors in! Create an earthy oasis for your little one by mixing foliage prints, natural textures such as linen and natural wood furniture. To really bring the room to life, try some non-toxic plants so your child will feel like they are living in an outdoor sanctuary. 

Walk on the Wild Side

A jungle theme is another way to incorporate natural elements and an “outdoorsy” feel to your baby’s space. Add some wood and plant decor to make your baby feel like every day is a day in the jungle. Find some wild furry friends for your baby that you can place around the room. Be sure to try to find organic options, like this cute little elephant from Bears for Humanity, and remember, never put the toys in the crib with baby to sleep.

Sunny Disposition

A sunshine-filled nursery is a great option for any little one, but this is an especially good if you are trying to find a “gender-neutral” theme and color palette. Fill the nursery with yellow and other bright colors, sunny pictures and organic linen elements. If you are going to hang curtains, try a lightweight organic option to really let the natural light shine through.

Take a Vacation

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have what’s bound to be a hectic beach vacation with your child. Bring the beach to the nursery! Putting up natural wood planks will easily transform the space into a beach escape. Add a colorful rug, some cordless (for safety) bamboo blinds and your baby (and you) will be on vacation every day.

Explore the National Parks

It’s important from a young age to instill the importance of conserving our national parks, so transform the nursery into one. Create your own non-toxic National Park wall art by upcycling maps or images from the parks, make a meaningful quilt out of reusable materials such as old t-shirts. Fill the space with warm earth tones including animal and pine tree decor. Also be sure to check out this adorable campfire nightlight. Adventure awaits your little one!

What type of theme are you doing for your baby’s nursery? Let us know in the comments!
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Wind It Down Tips For Parents

Wind it Down Tips for Parents

Winding down isn’t easy for anyone, especially for parents. Not only do you have to attempt to relax after a chaotic day of managing kids, but your children’s ability to wind down at night also directly affects how calm your evening is. Because of this we came up with five wind it down tips specifically for parents so you can enjoy more relaxing pre-bed rituals.

1.) Set Aside Time for Yourself After They Go To Bed

Once your children go to bed, it’s easy to want to just go straight to sleep yourself. While this may seem like the best bet in the short term, you may find that your racing mind can interrupt your sleep patterns. Try to take an hour or so to read, journal, take a bath or listen to calming music before you make your way to bed. That way your mind will have a chance to take a break before you do the same with your body.

2.) Make Sure They Relax

The less chaotic getting your children to bed at night is, the easier it will be for you to wind down. As parents, you know it’s not always possible to have a completely seamless time getting the kids to go to sleep, but the more structure and routine you implement, the easier it will be to make it a smooth bedtime  transition. If they go to bed easy, you will be less wound up before your own bedtime.

3.) Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Not only should you take some time out for yourself after getting the kids to sleep, consider carving some time out with your partner, friends or family. Whether it’s doing a puzzle with your spouse or calling a family member to catch up, making some time for those other than your children will put your mind at ease.

4.) Make Time for Yourself During the Day

Winding down is not just about the actions you take right before bed. As a parent, there is no shame in recruiting help with the kiddos for even just an hour a day. Use that time to go to the gym, do yoga, or partake in whatever activity will reset your mind and body to equip you to handle anything that comes your way for the rest of the day. The less stressed you are during the day, the easier it is to wind down at night.

5.) Plan Family Meals Appropriately

After a long day, it’s typical to find the easiest thing in the cupboard to make because you simply don’t have the time to make a more elaborate meal. While you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen, eating an unhealthy, large and processed meal right near bedtime will make it harder for not only your children to fall asleep, but you as well. Making small changes to improve your family’s dinner habits will have a positive effect on everyone’s sleeping habits.

Parents, what winding down tips do you use? Let us know in the comments!
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Non-Toxic Teething Remedies

non toxic teething remedies

Your baby is beginning to teethe. It’s painful for them, and as a parent it’s difficult for you to watch them suffer. While you want to solve their teething issues, you also don’t want to use toxic methods to do so. Especially when it comes to sleep, teething pains can really cause a struggle for both baby and parent. We suggest five non-toxic teething remedies that will put both you and your baby at ease.

Natural Solid Wood Toys

Solid wood is very soothing for babies to chew on when teething. Bannor Toys teethers are antibacterial, non-splintering and non-toxic. However, be sure not to keep any toys in the crib with your baby as it will reduce the risk of SIDS.

Frozen Fruits or Veggies

Frozen fruits and vegetables are an easy, natural and non-toxic option to soothe the pain of a teething baby. For young ones who you are introducing to solid food, try an organic fruit and food feeder like NatureBond’s Baby Fruit & Food Feeder. NatureBond is latex-free, BPA-free, phalates-free and lead-free.

Cold Spoon

Cold items have the power to alleviate the pain of teething. Simply put a spoon in the fridge and put the round part of the spoon on the gums before your child goes into their crib for sleep. Don’t put it in the freezer or it could stick, and best to use this technique before the teeth come to avoid chipping. No chemicals, no hassles, just relief!

Plush Teething Toy

Toys can be multi-purpose. Cute, soft, plush toys are a good alternative to help your baby get through teething because they can chew on it which helps with the pain. For a non-toxic option, try some of Under the Nile’s organic egyptian cotton teething toys. Under the Nile’s toys are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), certified USDA organic, and their facility is also Certified Fair Trade. Remember not to keep it in the crib!

Teething Jewelry For Mom

Look fashionable while sporting a non-toxic teething device. Smart Mom Jewelry sells jewelry made from the same materials used for teething toys. This non-toxic option contains no harmful chemicals such as phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead or latex. All of their pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.