Dr. Edwin Simpser on Crib Mattress Breathability

September 19, 2016

Dr. Edwin Simpser on Crib Mattress Breathability

Crib Mattress Breathability

Dr. Edwin Simpser, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine, has reviewed the Lullaby Earth Breeze mattress and we’re excited to share his conclusions with you!

Dr. Simpser compared our Breeze mattress to other breathable mattresses that are considered “breathable” because the baby can breathe into the interior of the mattress. He found that the Breeze is just as breathable as these other mattresses and provides a safer approach to breathability. These “breathe into the interior” mattresses are designed without a waterproof surface, which opens them up to hygienic issues. If the mattress is not waterproof, then inevitable baby accidents and messes will lead to bacteria and mold growth. If your baby can breathe through their mattress interior, then they will also be breathing in this contamination.

In order to keep a “breathe into the interior” mattress as clean and hygienic as possible, parents need to set aside regular time to completely wash out the mattress in the shower and leave it to dry for several hours. This is a time-consuming process that leaves your baby without a place to sleep for hours at a time.

Dr. Simpser says, “A far safer approach to adding ‘breathability’ to a crib mattress is to keep the mattress hygienic and to add a breathable layer between the baby and the mattress, as is done with the...Lullaby Earth designs.” A waterproof mattress with a breathable pad is how Lullaby Earth does breathability right!

Read Dr. Edwin Simpser’s full review here.

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