Snow Day Activities For Kids

January 16, 2018

Snow Day Activities For Kids

Snow Day Activities for Kids

The school announces a snow day, and your children could not be more excited. You, on the other hand, are scrambling to think of activities to prevent you and your children from going stir crazy.

Keep some of the ideas we suggest for snow day activities on deck next time your children have an unexpected snow day. Your day will be both fun and productive!


1. Bake

This is a go-to snow day activity because it keeps the kiddos hands busy, and who doesn’t want delicious baked goods on a cold day? Find a couple of recipes that are easy enough for any child to assist with and have them on-the-ready for a snow day. Happy baking!

One specific thing you can making is some healthy muffins. Take it to the next level by making them into some cute animals by decorating them with fruits, chocolate chips or other alternatives. Your kids will get a cute and delicious treat at the end of all of their hard work.


2. Story Time

When the snow is falling and the temperature is too cold to play outside, nothing sounds better than curling up on the couch. Instead of turning on the TV or a Netflix marathon, try bringing out some books and having story time. It will still keep them engaged while also allowing you to cut down on screen time.


3. Homemade Play Doh

This is an activity many parents probably did themselves as children. Homemade play doh includes many ingredients you most likely have at home, and it’s a recipe that is simple enough for kids to actually follow along. Here’s a quick, non-toxic recipe to try on their next snow day.


4. Snow Art

Take advantage of the snow and use it as a canvas! Making snow art is very simple and cheap. Just fill spray bottles with water and non-toxic food coloring, and let your children make their masterpieces. This activity gets the kids outside, allows them to be creative and requires very little preparation.


5. Science Fun

This is an interesting departure from arts and crafts and is a great option for your science-minded kiddos. Try something like this non-toxic slime which is only two ingredients and is edible! Your kids will get to feel like scientists, use their minds on their day off and have a fun toy to play with at the end.


What are your go-to snow day activities? Let us know!

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