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Keep Your Kids Safe This Fourth of July

Keep Your Kids Safe This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a holiday known for lights, sounds and sun. This makes Independence Day exciting, but also an especially risky day for babies and toddlers. Young children are much more sensitive than adults, and there are a lot of hazards that children won’t understand at Fourth of July cookouts and events.

Follow these general safety tips for the Fourth so you and your children can have the best and safest holiday ever.


Protect Their Ears

More than adults, babies’ ears are particularly sensitive. You may want your little ones to experience the light and beauty of fireworks, but you don’t want to the loud booms to damage their ears. Invest in some noise-cancelling headphones or earmuffs so that your child can still take in one of the biggest traditions of July Fourth and stay safe.

Mind the Grill

Toddlers have a curiosity that many of us envy. This curiosity also tends to put them in dangerous situations. While one of the best parts of celebrating the Fourth of July is the cookouts and the food, we need to mind the curious children around us. Teach your children to not go near the grill when it’s on because it gets hot and smoky. Also, examine your grill before you use it to make sure there are no cracks, holes or leaks.


Practice Water Safety

The Fourth of July can be one of the hottest days of the year. Baby pools are, therefore, fun and smart things to include in kids’ Fourth of July parties. They may cool down your babies and toddlers, but don’t forget that children can drown in even an inch of water. Keep an eye on your child at all time, or opt for a sprinkler which is a safer option and still keeps them playing in the water.


Never Forget Sunscreen

Since the Fourth of July occurs during a day when the sun’s rays are strongest, and you may likely be celebrating at an outdoor cookout, don’t forget to protect your baby from a dangerous sunburn. Apply a non-toxic sunscreen on your child, such as Babyganics sunscreen, and reapply regularly throughout the day.


Avoid “At-Home” Pyrotechnics

While it’s best to avoid bottle rockets and sparklers all together, sometimes you will be at events where you cannot control what others do. These “at-home” pyrotechnics are extremely dangerous, especially near a baby who doesn’t know how or why to stay away from these explosives. If these sorts of activities are happening near you and your baby, head inside and enjoy the festivities there.


What safety tips do you have for your child during the Fourth of July? Share with us in the comments!


Valentine’s Day Cards for Parents

Valentine's Day Card for Parent's

This Valentine’s Day, take some time out of your busy day being a parent to express your love for your partner….by asking for help with the kids! Download and print one of these fun Valentines to give to the one who will understand just how romantic a little help can be. 


Parent Valentine'sAs a parent, you know finding time to nap is quite the miracle.
Download To Print Valentine (PDF) 



For those parents who just want an evening break this Valentine’s Day.



Parent's Valentine

The best Valentine is someone who can keep you sane during the daily chaos.
Download To Print Valentine (PDF) 

Parent Valentine's

Be as committed to your partner as your kids are to disrupting your sleep.
Download To Print Valentine (PDF)


Parent Valentine

Fun fact: You can still express your love while sleeping.
Download To Print Valentine (PDF)


Parent Valentine

When you love your Valentine but still wouldn’t mind a little help with the kids.
Download To Print Valentine (PDF)

Non-Toxic Valentine's Day Treats

Non-Toxic Valentine's Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so you will need to start considering what treats to bring to school parties or have prepared at home.

Just because it’s a treat doesn’t mean it has to be bad for kids. We’ve rounded up some of the best non-toxic Valentine’s Day treat options to make for your kiddos this year.


1.) Fudgy No-Bake Brownie Bites

Dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free, these Fudgy No-Bake Brownies are a great way for your children to get a non-toxic chocolate fix on Valentine’s Day. These are quick to make for those parents who are on-the-go, and they use all-natural ingredients. To make them extra festive, use a cookie cutter to form them into the shape of hearts.

2.) Frozen Strawberries & Yogurt

This cute non-toxic Valentine’s Day treat only takes two ingredients! Frozen strawberries covered in yogurt look festive when cut in half and are still healthy and extremely easy to make.

3.) Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Heart-shaped muffin pans are your best friend for Valentine’s Day parties. Use them to shape these strawberry banana oatmeal muffins, a treat your children will surely love (and that happens to be good for them). These muffins are naturally sweetened with the strawberries and bananas, so they aren’t loaded with excessive amounts of sugar.

4.) Vegan Strawberry Love Bugs

Talk about an adorable treat for Valentine’s Day! Not to mention, these Vegan Strawberry Love Bugs are shockingly simple to make. Choose a vegan dark chocolate and white chocolate to make these ladybugs non-toxic and vegan-friendly.

5.) Honey Bee No Bake Cookies

Helping your children write out Valentine’s, getting party decorations, running your usual errands AND making treats from scratch can be quite a lot to balance in your average day. A no bake recipe, like these honey bee no bake cookies, are a great option for busy parents. Plus, this recipe proves that you can make something that looks intricate and theme-appropriate that is still non-toxic and easy to prepare. These cookies do use peanut butter, so keep that in mind for nut allergies.

What non-toxic treats are you making for your little ones this Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comments!

Making the Holidays Less Stressful With Little Ones

As a parent, you love watching your children experience the holidays. Nothing is more priceless than watching their faces light up as they see their first snow, open their presents and experience all of the sights and sounds of the season. However, no one can deny that having kids can just add another level of stress to the holidays.

The good news, it IS possible to eliminate some holiday stress, even when you have kids!

You Don’t Have to Attend EVERY Event

When you have children, you are no longer just attending family and work parties. You now have to work around school and friend events as well. And as a parent, you more than anyone know that children are not always the most well-behaved when party-hopping. When navigating the holidays as a parent, remember it’s ok to say no to some of these events, even if it is because you need the time to shop, prepare for your own party or just spend a moment with your kids.

You Don’t Have to be a Super-Parent

Your children will hear about a variety of holiday traditions and the most lavish toys of the year from their friends and classmates. As a parent, you may not be able to arrange all of the experiences your children want to have this year. And getting your kids every gift they ask for is usually pretty impossible (the pony and spaceship probably won’t be happening). Instead of spending the next few weeks feeling as if you are “disappointing” your children because you cannot do everything, manage their expectations from the beginning. Explain what is, and isn’t, possible to keep you and your kiddos happy.

Specifically, a great tactic to avoid getting out of control with holiday shopping for your kids is the “want-need-wear-read” technique. Basically, choose something your children want, something they need, something they will wear and something they will read. This will not only simplify your shopping experience, it will also help you pick out truly meaningful gifts for your kids.


Utilize “Family Time” Thoughtfully

One of the most special aspects of the holidays is family time. Especially if you have out-of-town relatives, this will be one of the few times of the year they get to see you and your kids. Let them bond with the children and use this as a moment to finish your shopping and party preparation. Your family gets their own time with the kids, and you get some alone time to fully focus on your holiday tasks.

Children bring an extra element of spirit and joy to the holiday season. That’s not to say they do not sometimes make the holidays just a tad more stressful as well. Remember how fun it is to have your children around for this special time, and you will be able to navigate this season happily and stress-free.

Share your tips for keeping the holidays less stressful with little ones below! 

Non-Toxic Valentine’s Day Crafts

nontoxic valentines day crafts  

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little ones with these sweet non-toxic DIY crafts. We’ve got ideas for everyone from babies and toddlers to preschool and school age kids. You may need to come up with cards or goodies for your kiddo’s classroom, and homemade gifts are always a hit. Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so now is the time to get crafty!  

Non-Toxic Crafts for Kids
Sometimes getting your hands (and, unfortunately, your table) a little messy is the best part of crafting! These hands-on crafts for preschoolers and toddlers keep things safer with non-toxic ingredients.

  1. DIY Crayon Hearts: Melt down broken non-toxic crayons and cool them in a heart-shaped mold to make DIY Crayon Hearts with this tutorial from Dagmar’s Home. They make great class Valentine’s Day gifts and any extras are fun to keep and use around the house! 
  3. Non-Toxic Finger Paint: Whip up some non-toxic (and edible, though not particularly tasty) finger paint using cornstarch, water, and food coloring with this recipe from The Imagination Tree. And check out Color Garden for plant-based food coloring without artificial ingredients. Babies and toddlers can finger-paint a special Valentine for family members, and bigger kids can even go crazy and use a paintbrush!
  5. DIY Clay Heart Recipe: Sculpt and bake with this DIY clay recipe from Instructables. Cut out hearts or other shapes with cookie cutters or go free-hand. When they are cool or hard, let the kids decorate the finished product to make a one-of-a-kind valentine.

Paper Valentine’s Day Crafts
These ideas are all made with paper. Construction paper, scrapbook paper, plain old white paper, you name it! Bring out the safety scissors and get to work creating an adorable valentine with your kiddo.

  1. Paper Chain: We love this take on the classic paper chain from Teach With Me, turning paper strips into Valentine’s Day hearts to make a garland for your home or play room. Kids can cut strips from colored construction paper or card stock and can even decorate them with stickers or markers for an extra festive touch. 
  3. Paper Bead Necklace: This paper bead necklace from Sowdering About is a cute way to add a pop of color to tide your little valentine over until spring is here! Let your little one pick their favorite colors or patterns using scrapbook paper or colored construction paper. 
  5. Collage of Love: For older preschoolers or school-age children, help them put together a collage of pictures from all those parenting magazines you haven’t taken to the recycling center yet. For a fun Valentine’s Day twist, ask them to make a collage for someone special, using pictures that make them think of love and friendship. You can even make smaller collages and then fold the paper to make individual cards. This tutorial from Molly Moo Crafts uses watercolor paper and paints for a mixed media collage that will make a fun and unique valentine!
  7. Button Heart: For this super cute button heart craft from Hands On As We Grow, you’ll need a large piece of construction paper in the shape of a heart, your favorite non-toxic glue, and buttons! Start by having your toddler sort the buttons by color and then let them pick their favorites to decorate their heart.

Valentine’s Day Boxes
If your kiddo is in a classroom that does a Valentine’s Day party, they might need a crafty mailbox to collect their friends’ notes and treats! We rounded up these DIY Valentine’s Day box ideas for you and your kids to choose from.

  1. Basketball Box: A basketball hoop box is perfect for a child who loves sports and is made with a shoebox, a smaller cardboard box, a pipe cleaner, string, and electrical tape. This crafty mom from All About Ty & Ashlee did a great job using items on hand while the family was snowed in to pull this off! 
  3. Classic Mailbox: This Valentine’s Day mailbox, modeled after a real USPS mailbox, is so adorable. It takes a little execution work but the finished product is just perfect, complete with a working mail chute to accept Valentine’s Day cards and treats. Check out the You’ve Got Mail(box) from Camp Clem. 
  5. Heart Garden Box: Finally, this Heart Garden Valentine Box from Buggy and Buddy is one that kids of any age can help with. Little hands can paint the box, glue paper grass, and decorate hearts. Paint your child’s name on the side for a final touch and you’re good to go!

Share the LOVE With Us!
We’d love to see photos of your kids’ DIY Valentine’s Day crafts, so please share with us. Let us know in the comments below which craft you’ll try first.