Why A Morning Routine Is Important For Parents

December 28, 2017

Why A Morning Routine Is Important For Parents

Why A Morning Routine Is Important For Parents

You ask your children to keep up with cleaning and chores every day. Then they go to school where their teachers maintain a pretty tight agenda. You and your children’s teacher have the same goal -- to reinforce the importance of keeping a schedule. But what about you as a parent? Kids can disrupt even the best-laid plans, but still try to arrange a semblance of a routine for yourself.

We give you some reasons for making a conscious effort to keep up a morning routine as a parent.


Give Yourself Control Over One Thing

Having children means a lot of surprises. You never know when they will be sick, have an accident or get upset. Your life is a constant waiting game for the next unexpected twist. Keeping a morning routine will give you a little relief and structure in an otherwise chaotic day. Even if it’s just the first hour when you have a solid routine, it will have a positive effect on the rest of the day.


Set An Example For Your Kids

Are your children constantly fighting you when you ask them to make their beds or put away their toys? Do they see you rushing around in the mornings with no clear agenda? Show your children that routine activities are an important part of their day by putting some structure and continuity into your life right when your family wakes up.


Make One Less Decision In Your Day

When you have children, you no longer just make decisions for yourself throughout the day, you are also doing that for your kids. Making these choices slowly drains away your energy, whether you realize it or not. The less variation in your morning, the better. Save that energy for later in the day when you are making decision after decision for you and your family. A morning routine is one of the keys to managing daily mental fatigue right off the bat.

Parents, why do you keep up a morning routine? Let us know!

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