Crib Mattress Breathability with Lullaby Earth –

Give Your Baby Some "Air" Time

Breeze = Safer

The Breeze is designed for safety with an innovative, practical design. We start with a firm, flat mattress made without harmful chemicals or allergenic materials. To reduce the risk of suffocation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends a firm, flat crib mattress without any soft bedding. This is our number one priority.

Breathable = Comfort

The Breeze mattress pad is designed to maximize airflow between your baby and the mattress. It keeps your baby cool and dry for a more comfortable sleep with less risk of overheating and sweating. Adding a breathable pad to our waterproof mattress allows you to avoid the worries of a non-waterproof mattress.

Hygienic Design

The easy-to-clean waterproof mattress and mattress pad ensure that the baby won't be breathing mold, bacteria or urine. If your baby can breathe into the interior of their mattress, these messes can be hard to clean and will create a contaminated environment.

Here's How It Works

The breathable mattress pad enables air to flow between the baby and the mattress for a more comfortable sleep. This allows for complete 360° air circulation around your baby as air is able to freely pass through the pad’s surface. The pad also has a waterproof backing, keeping the mattress clean and protected from urine, spit-up, and other messes.

Why not make the entire mattress breathable?

While this may sound like a good idea, it is impractical and even dangerous. A non-waterproof mattress means that air can pass through, but so can urine and other messes! Some breathable mattresses on the market can be washed in the tub or shower, but they take hours to dry. In the meantime, you won't have a mattress to put your baby back to sleep while you're washing the mattress or waiting for it to dry.

Mold and bacteria can quickly grow if the mattress interior isn't well cleaned, leaving you with a lot of hassle and a potential health risk. It's smarter and safer to keep the mattress waterproof and hygienic, adding extra airflow between the baby and the mattress for a comfortable sleep that's just as breathable without the worries.