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Terms & Policies

Return Policy & Warranty

All Lullaby Earth products come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee provided the product has not been damaged and was purchased directly from LullabyEarth. Lullaby Earth products purchased from other retailers follow the return policy of that retailer. Buyer pays all shipping costs (including costs associated with any promotions). Lullaby Earth crib mattresses carry a lifetime limited warranty (original purchaser only).


Privacy Policy

Lullaby Earth adheres to a strict policy to protect your privacy. It's very simple. We will not release your personal credit card, name and address, email address or any other information about you or any of our customers to outside parties. We simply will not compromise your private information, period.



All information provided by Lullaby Earth on this website, as well as through our other marketing and customer service channels, is strictly intended for educational and general informational purposes only. We make no claims with respect to the accuracy of any information contained on this site which may have been obtained from government documents, environmental organizations, trade associations, reference materials, journals, health websites, or any other source.

All Lullaby Earth products are sold as quality consumer items and not as medical devices. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by Lullaby Earth should not be construed as medical advice. For medical related questions, please follow the advice of your physician.

Lullaby Earth carries many certifications, awards, approvals, and recommendations. Lullaby Earth also belongs to various professional associations and participates in various environmental and sustainability advocacy initiatives. Lullaby Earth financially supports some of these organizations that share its mission of improving health and safety. Some of these organizations provide endorsements and certification programs in their operations, and some charge fees for their work in reviewing and evaluating products in connection with those programs. Some charge a licensing fee for use of their trademarks and service marks. Lullaby Earth has paid any applicable fees.

Lullaby Earth makes no "general" or "unqualified" environmental claims regarding any of its products, and attempts to meet and exceed all the standards in the FTC Green Guides. Not all Lullaby Earth certifications, awards, approvals, and recommendations apply to all Lullaby Earth products. Lullaby Earth does not display or otherwise use any logos which do not directly apply to Lullaby Earth. For more information, please contact Lullaby Earth Customer Service: cs@lullabyearth.com or 1-855-458-5522