Understanding Crib Mattress Breathability - OLD

A Test For Breathability

Recently, an independent lab developed a way to test crib mattresses for breathability. The test essentially measures the airflow through the surface of the mattress by simulating a baby breathing face-down while unable to turn its head. In this scenario, the only source of meaningful oxygen is through the sleep surface itself, resulting in approximately 97% more air as compared to a non-permeable surface. When we refer to reduced suffocation risk, we are speaking within the context of this test scenario. 

While this test represents a worst case scenario, one can never be too careful. The test brought the issue of breathability to the forefront since there was now a way to scientifically quantify crib mattress breathability.

As a result, a flood of products and claims have hit the market, most of which introduce new problems like microbial contamination and impractical cleaning methods. Lullaby Earth has been making breathable crib mattresses since before this test was even introduced. Once you understand the issues, it will become clear why Lullaby Earth has the safest breathable crib mattress design on the planet!

Will a breathable crib mattress prevent SIDS?

SIDS, by definition, is from an unknown cause. So, unfortunately, there is no way to fully prevent SIDS. It’s prudent, however, to do all one can to create a safe sleep environment, and making the mattress surface breathable can only help. The CPSC recommends putting babies to sleep on their backs, and we fully back this recommendation. Sadly, the most common cause of suffocation in cribs is related to soft bedding. Pillows, blankets, teddy bears and the like present the greatest danger. To learn more about SIDS, visit the NICHD directly. 

Breathable = Safer

The Wisp Air and Breeze Air breathable crib mattresses are designed for safety with an innovative, practical design. We start with a firm waterproof mattress made without harmful chemicals, flame retardants or allergenic materials. We then wrap the mattress in a breathable layer that is removable and washable. This breathable layer achieves the lowest risk category on the suffocation test, allowing a simulated baby to breathe directly through the sleep surface indefinitely! This design approach provides all of the safety benefits while maintaining an easy way to change the crib.

Here's How It Works

The breathable function is encapsulated in a removable washable pad that completely hugs the mattress. This layer is actually a 3-dimensional fabric that allows air to flow for 360° air circulation. Should baby turn face down, they can still breathe since air is able to freely pass through the pad’s 3D structure.

What is Your Baby Breathing?

In addition to eliminating flame retardants found in nearly ALL crib mattresses, the Lullaby Earth approach makes it easy to keep your crib mattress clean, helping ensure your baby won't be breathing mold, bacteria or other microbials from a difficult-to-clean contaminated mattress. The breathable washable pad also has a waterproof backing, providing an extra layer of protection to keep the mattress clean and protected from urine, spit-up, and other messes.

Breathable = More Comfortable

The Wisp Air and Breeze Air breathable crib mattresses are designed to maximize airflow between your baby and the mattress. It keeps your baby cool and dry for a more comfortable sleep with less risk of overheating and sweaty backs.