Healthy Support Crib Mattress

Healthy Support Crib Mattress

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Make Any Crib Mattress Breathable

Turn any crib mattress into a breathable crib mattress by adding the Wisp Air or Breeze Air breathable pad.  According to independent tests designed to measure suffocation risk, these pads have been proven to be just as effective as a completely porous mattress!  Also increases comfort and helps protect against overheating. Works great with waterproof models like the Healthy Support and Slumbertime.

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Seen our competition lately?

Other breathable crib mattress  designs create serious hygienic challenges since none can be easily cleaned, if cleaned at all. Unfettered microbial growth can actually make your baby sick, not to mention the added flame retardants.  This is the OPPOSITE of healthy sleep!!!

In contrast, Lullaby Earth breathable layers are machine wash & dry and perform just as well on independent suffocation tests.  Keep your baby safe without compromising a clean and hygienic sleep environment - and without the need for flame retardants.

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