How to Detox Your Nursery

March 28, 2017

detox your nursery

We?ve talked about the importance of a non-toxic nursery, and now we?re back with practical tips to detox your baby?s space. Whether you?re just getting started on decorating or you already have your nursery set up, our tips will help you reduce your baby?s exposure to harmful chemicals. When you read this blog post, you?ll be able to make simple swaps in your baby?s nursery with confidence!

Detox Your Nursery: DO

When you?re designing or updating your baby?s nursery, remember to check out our previous post on non-toxic paints, furniture, and more. While you?re at it, plan to include some of the following to further detox the nursery.

Plants: Houseplants are natural air purifiers and improve the air quality in your home. A potted plant in your baby?s nursery can help improve the air and remove airborne toxins. Be sure to check and make sure the leaves or flowers won?t hurt any household pets. Spider plants are easy to grow, good for the air, and safe for dogs and cats.

Airflow: While plants can help detoxify the air in your nursery, having a fan or air filter to provide airflow in the room is also helpful. Make sure you keep fan blades clean so they don?t spread dust through the air. You can also encourage fresh airflow in the room by simply opening a window when the weather is nice!

Humidifier: Having air that?s too dry is no fun for anyone, especially a young baby! If you use a humidifier, be sure to change the water daily and clean it regularly to avoid mold and bacteria growth.

Natural Materials: Whenever possible, look for natural fibers and materials for your nursery. Find cotton (organic is ideal) curtains, rugs, and bedding for your little one?s room. If you don?t have allergy concerns with wool, there are many natural wool clothing, diaper, and rug options as well. Look for solid wood furniture with a natural finish instead of synthetic materials that can off-gas chemicals. The same goes for toys - there are many fabric and wooden toys to use instead of plastic. Or look for recycled plastic options for a safer and more eco-friendly option.

Detox Your Nursery: DON'T

There are plenty of common household products that have no place in your baby?s non-toxic nursery. Avoid these items that can introduce hazards to your nursery.

Fragrances & Air Fresheners: Ditch the fake chemical smells and fragrance-laden cleaning products and candles. Use a non-toxic cleaner if you need to sanitize surfaces in the baby?s room, and use natural solutions like baking soda or charcoal sachets to deodorize without harmful chemicals.

Flame Retardants: Flame retardant chemicals are in many common baby products from pajamas to furniture and crib mattresses, and they are not ideal for a safer, non-toxic nursery. Avoid flame retardants by purchasing snug-fitting pajamas (their tag will indicate the lack of flame retardants) and nursery furniture made without flame retardant chemicals. (Psst, like Lullaby Earth!)

Formaldehyde: This chemical is used in many furniture and textile products for babies and adults alike, and it can cause a variety of health effects. That ?new furniture smell? is actually off-gassing of VOCs and chemicals like formaldehyde. You can order a home test kit and check the formaldehyde levels in your baby?s nursery (or elsewhere in your home). To avoid it, look for the UL/GREENGUARD? Formaldehyde Free standard.

Shoes: This one might seem out of place, but DON?T wear your shoes in the house, especially if you have pets or small children that crawl on the floor. You spend all day walking through microbes, bacteria, and dirt, which tracks all through your house and the nursery. Check your shoes at the door and have a designated pair of slippers or flip-flops for indoor use only.

How Do You Detox?
Share your own advice for avoiding harmful chemicals in your baby?s nursery, and let us know your favorite tip! How will you detox your nursery?