A Safer Holiday Gift Guide For Littles

December 7, 2023

The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate family, love and the joy of giving. Although the holidays are about so much more than gifts, we know that giving our littles what we can to make them happier and healthier is a joy for us, too.

As parents, we want to choose gifts that will not only bring smiles to our little one’s faces, but also prioritize their safety and well-being. We're here to inspire your stocking-stuffing with some of the best gifts for kids – from brands we trust and know you'll love.

The Importance of Choosing Safer Brands

Parents and two kids unwrapping gifts wrapped in kraft paperParents and two kids unwrapping gifts wrapped in kraft paper

Parents know that nothing compares to seeing your little one’s face light up with joy – especially during the holidays. After all, we do everything we can to see our littles happy! Knowing your kiddos are enjoying sustainable gifts that are safer for their health and made without harmful chemicals can provide you with peace of mind, which in turn, allows you to enjoy time with your children without unnecessary worry. 

Toys and gifts made with non-toxic materials are fun to play with, better for the environment, more durable and made without materials that can cause your little one harm. This is extra important if your little one is at the age when they’re putting all of their toys in their mouth!

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Our List of Trusted Brands for Gifts You'll Love

Choosing non-toxic gifts will allow your littles to enjoy endless hours of fun and enrichment without any worries from you. To help inspire your non-toxic gift giving, here is our list of trusted brands we know and adore.  

1. Clothing and Nursery Accessories: Finn + Emma

With a heavy focus on sustainability, Finn + Emma offers non-toxic clothing items, nursery accessories and more. This brand uses 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and all-natural wood materials in their products. And, as an added bonus, their products are super stylish, too! Instagram  @finnandemma

2. Space-Friendly Solutions: Bombol

You may recognize this brand from our September Baby Safety Month Giveaway that we hosted on our social channels. (Hint, hint: are you following us on Instagram and Facebook yet?).

The team at Bombol is composed of engineers, designers and inventors that pride themselves on using less unnecessary plastic in their products to make them better for your little one and the environment, all while taking up less space. Their accessories fold and store in small spaces – creating more playroom for your little one! Instagram @bombolusa

Parent massaging non-toxic cream on Baby's tummyParent massaging non-toxic cream on Baby's tummy

3. Skincare: Weleda

Weleda’s products are made with high-quality plant oils, natural extracts and essential oils. Valuing sustainability, Weleda recycles 98% of its waste and sources 100% of the electricity in their France, Germany and Switzerland facilities from renewable sources. Weleda offers products for face, body and baby – a perfect eco-conscious gift for the whole family! Instagram @weleda_usa

4. Technology: Elepho

Elepho’s main focus is on the health and wellness of your entire family. Their safety-monitoring products are designed for babies – and for the entire family! You can find innovative products such as baby monitors, thermometers, bath temperature monitors and more on their website. Instagram @elepho_inc 

5. Toys & Accessories: Moonkie

Moonkie specializes in products that are sleek, stylish and safer for your little one. Most of their products are made with silicone, which is often more hygienic, heat-resistant and allergy-friendly than other materials out there. From play accessories like toys and teethers to feeding bibs, placemats and dishware, Moonkie has it all! Instagram @moonkie_official

6. Toys: Hape Toys

Baby smiling and playing with wooden Hape ToysBaby smiling and playing with wooden Hape Toys

Hape Toys offers a wide-selection of toys for your little one that are crafted with non-toxic paints and wooden materials. And, as a huge bonus, the brand has made a commitment over the years to building several schools for children, too. You can feel good about the toys your little ones are playing with and the brand you’re buying from with Hape Toys. Instagram @hapetoys_usa

Why Sustainable Gifts Are Better

One of the unsung benefits of sustainable parenting? Purchasing products that are long-lasting and durable is better for the environment – plus, it’s also easier on your wallet, too! Toys and accessories made with quality materials are sure to last longer than cheap plastic ones that can harm the environment. This means you’ll spend less in the long run by investing in higher quality, safer toys that will last throughout years of play.

Cheers to a Safer, Healthier Holiday Season!

Although the holidays aren’t all about the gifts, it is important to remember how essential safer and healthier gift giving is – for our families and for the environment! Choosing safer and healthier products will not only light up your little one’s face, but also provide you with peace of mind as a parent. 

Here’s one last gift idea from your friends at Lullaby Earth – their first “big kid bed”! We just launched our first line of non-toxic sleep essentials for kids that you and your littles are sure to love!